Hey you. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you're OK. If you're struggling right now please reach out to a friend or professional for support.

My name's Rach, a busy mama in her 40's based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Following a couple of decades in customer service and business support roles I'm following my passion to support others with their wellbeing.

I am a certified health coach and mental health coach providing 1-to-1 coaching specialising in:

  • Building healthy lifestyle habits to improve physical and mental wellbeing

  • Managing anxiety and overwhelm

Rachel Brown Coaching

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If you're so overwhelmed by life that your wellbeing always comes last then my Habits Overhaul Package is for you.

Together we'll paint a picture of your ideal future and identify small, sustainable change to move you forward.

In the meantime . . .

Follow me @rachelbrowncoaching for tips on habit change, lifestyle medicine, mindset and managing anxiety.

Or email rachelbrowncoaching@gmail.com to book a free inquiry call and see if I'm the right coach for you

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